Monthly Archives: April 2020

A Case for Conjunctivitis

With the coronavirus pandemic dominating our news these days, there has been some talk that conjunctivitis might be one of the symptoms of COVID-19. It is important to understand that the virus can be transmitted by touching an infected surface and then touching the eyes leading to infection. Conjunctivitis occurs when the transparent membrane, the… Read More

Hydroxychloroquine; A Reason for Cautious Optimism

Fear related to the current pandemic crisis of coronavirus has led people to try many methods of protection or treatment. While the effectiveness of many of these methods may be called into question, few have as many dire consequences as experimenting with unproven drugs. One such drug that has been in the spotlight lately is… Read More

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Surgeries are performed in our on-site surgery center, Reeves Surgery Center. Patients can take advantage of our convenient facility, on an outpatient facility. Reeves Eye Surgery Center is owned and operated by Donny L. Reeves, M.D.

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Reeves Surgery Center was founded by Donny Reeves, M.D. Dr. Reeves is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist who has been practicing in the Tri-Cities since 2004.

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